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Here you will find a summary of our highlights for you

Rückblick 2023

Ohne uns geht´s nicht
Lehren wir ein jedes Jahr.
Darum merke dir gut:
Wer den Genie nicht ehrt, dem wird sein Wunsch verwehrt.



Dank der Aufteilung, sind wir aber trotzdem

Montag - Samstag für dich da.


Unsere Genies arbeiten in der
4-Tage Woche

Rückblick 2022

Der Krieg versucht die Pandemie zu toppen, doch unsere Genie´s sind nicht zu stoppen.
Ohne uns geht´s nicht ...




Wir sind umgezogen
Dantestr. 13
70197 Stuttgart

Des Genie´s neues Lieblingsspielzeug

Review 2021

Supply shortages, price increases, regulations, new rules and regulations, restrictions and illness.

But not even a pandemic will bring us to our knees.


We say thank you to all our geniuses. This would not have been possible without such a strong team.


... Video on, enjoy the review.

Welcome to the team

We are happy about three new additions to the Raumgenie team

(from the left):
Nadi starts as a new trainee, Ann-Katrin is our new interior decorator and Alex enriches our team as a tiler.




... all our customers, friends and colleagues for the great day.
... our hard-working girls and boys who worked for you at the bar and while cleaning up.

... for a grandiose company anniversary.

15 years of space genius
Be there!!!


Information on the supply and price situation


Dear customers,

Unfortunately, the supply and price situation of our wholesalers has changed significantly in recent weeks and months.

Affected are:

  • (rigid foam) insulating materials

  • Building articles made of plastic and steel (e.g. screws and profiles)

  • Wood-based materials (e.g. frames, doors, panels, bases)

  • Construction chemical products (e.g. concrete, liquid screed, wood preservatives, tile adhesive, primers)


The reason for this is a lack of raw materials, so that production and delivery cannot be carried out as usual at the moment.


Furthermore, the demand for certain building materials has skyrocketed in some markets and is leading to price increases. 

The drastic price increases (sometimes up to 25%) from our suppliers are forcing us to adjust our prices as well.

We therefore ask for your understanding that we may have to adjust the material costs of offers that are older than 4 weeks. (Ordered and/or stock items excluded)


Unfortunately, delays due to delivery problems cannot be ruled out. We ask for your understanding and patience here as well.

According to current information, it cannot be assumed that this situation will return to normal in the short term.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Danger! We have adjusted our general terms and conditions.


Cooperation offer: Disinfection dispenser

Effectively protect your customers, guests and employees from bacteria and viruses with a disinfectant dispenser. Without the addition of dyes and fragrances, the disinfectant can be used almost anywhere and meets the 70% ethanol content required by the RKI.  to combat corona viruses.

  • including delivery

  • including wall mounting

  • including initial filling

only 75€

We take care of everything:

refilling and cleaning

  • from 15 pieces at €9.50*

  • from 5 pieces at €15.00*

  • 1-4 pieces at €18.50*

*Donors per building

All prices net

All information without guarantee and claim to completeness.

To order disinfectant dispensers, please use our contact form or send us an email to:



Music by: Grenzlos - Craftsmanship, nothing works without us-


is very important to us. Everyone pitches in here. Here our geniuses help our customer to load a firewood delivery and that AFTER work.


Welcome to the team - Nicholas

We are very pleased to welcome a new trainee to our team again this year.

Nicholas has  previously an internship with us  graduated and because he liked it so much, he just stayed there. We're happy, because young people in the trades are important.

Our apprentice box

We attach great importance to a good education. For this purpose, we provide our employees and especially our trainees with an apprentice box. Various activities in the field of interior design and renovation of old buildings can be practiced here.

Would you like to find out more about our apprenticeship box? Then check out our Facebook and Instagram profiles.


Anna didn't let Corona stop her 

A particular challenge this year was the final exam for our trainee Anna. But when 

true genius, she passed her final exam with flying colours.

After passing her exam, our freshly qualified interior decorator decided to remain part of our team. 

We look forward to accompanying you in your further career.

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